Mar 102011

White Jesus is here.

DJ Burn One and Rittz have been winning lately with their present day swamp funk and eyebrow-raising rapid fire raps. The leaked songs, Fulla Shit, High Five, Pie, are great and each with a unique sound.

The new songs, though.

Not as bad as Yela’s crossover attempts on Trunk Music 0-60, but Crazy, Blowin My Mind, Dixxxie Cup, and Sextacy sound as generic as their titles. Figuring out what type of “redneck chic” material the industry might like, I suppose.

Good luck with that. Yelawolf’s chorus on Sleep At Night predicts an Duets album with Eminem by year’s end.

Embrace your inner weirdo. There’s funk in that. Rittz’ scumbag verse on Fulla Shit is pretty much the best thing on this whole tape, together with Yelawolf’s preacher cameo on the title track (wouldn’t mind more of this oddball spiritual side from the half-redneck, half-Cheeroke Indian rapper, nor from Rittz – keep looking for alien love).

After listening to Nowhere To Run a couple of times, ignoring the chorus more and more, Rittz’ pain starts bleeding through – working hard all day with no money, “sitting at my bed with a loaded gun pointed at my head“. But that guitar solo at the end kills it for me.

Is a tape full of Rittz too much to stomach? Or is he holding back, warming up, finding his way ’round the studio, dropping standardized songs just for practice?

Let’s hope so. Slumerican has too much potential to not be winning.

Feb 112011

What’s Gwinnett County like?

It was weird because when I first moved here, it was just normal suburbs with a lot of people. The schools were multi-cultural, at least compared to Pennsylvania. Everything changed after the ’96 Olympics. I was around 16 at that time, and a lot of people had moved here to Gwinnett. People were people coming from different cities and backgrounds, and the atmosphere changed. Crime went up. Gwinnett’s a weird place.It’s really about how you live your life around here. If you don’t fuck around with drugs, you might not get into the same kind of trouble.

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