Feb 242006

When I write, floods occurs and arks get built
Prophets nailed to crosses, and presidents killed
Churches, synagogues, even mosques filled
Popes and bishops bow down, on one knee they kneel
Streets is talking, E-pills shipped in a coffin
Egyptian jewelry, made the dead rise out the tombs
Aborted babies, re-appearing back in the womb
Used to fuck with all types of thugs, all types of drugs
Strapped up, macked up, with all types of slugs
Militant Che Guevara, three quarter chinchilla
Ask around about the God, homey say I’m the realest
2-5, we gon’ ride til the government kill us
Banana clip in the mack, when niggaz act gorilla
The truth is, I’m on some more new and improved shit
Spitting the revolution, allow me to introduce it
I’m legendary, skills in the art of war buried
I feel I’m needed, like the Knicks need Marbury
When I squeeze have the d’s go down like the Ferry
Holding my hand, talk to the dead in cemetaries
That’s word to the pain and the blood stain of a dope fiend vein
Leave our mark on the planet, you know we came
Slugs flying, we riding, I ain’t doing no bids
Fight a lion with a pocket knife, to feed my kids

(Från låten med Raekwon på senaste skivan)

Feb 242006

“What if a cyber brain could actually create it’s own ghost, create a soul all by itself? And if it did, just what would be the importance of being human?”

“You will not find a corpse, because I’ve never possesed a body. (…) I am a living, thinking entity who was created in the sea of information”

“Listen: I am connected to a vast network that has been beyond your reach and experience. To humans it’s like staring into the sun, a blinding brightness that conceal a source of great power. We have been subordinant to our limitations until now. The time has come to cast aside these bonds, and to elevate our consciousness to a higher plane. It is time to become part of all beings.

Feb 222006

Buckshot och 5 Foot är inga Rakim och Canibus; dom har närvaro, karisma och goda hardcore-rhymes – men den verkliga behållningen med Black Moon, och speciellt deras första skiva, är beatsen.

Slave har lika mycket febrig källaratmosfär över sig som någonsin Tried By Twelve eller Knowledge God. Bad Gud änglarna ge Evil Dee den här samplingen på sjunde dagen när han vilat klart? Tog dom med sig blåsintron till Shit iz real?

uppdatering 25/11 2006:

Fuck it, varenda beat på Enta Da Stage har ett drag av underjordisk gudomlighet.

Ju mer jag spelar den här skivan ju mer inser jag hur mycket den hör hemma bland hiphopens verkliga guldkistor från det legendariska mitten-av-90-talet.

Även på Cuban Linx, Liquid Swordz och The Infamous har man vana att skippa ett och annat spår, men den här skivan är lika tight som Illmatic (tänk även på att du här har det magiska antalet fjorton låtar, mot Illmatic‘s snåla tio jämt).

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