Mar 102011

Thou shall not mix rock and rap.

Thou shall sample it. This any dedicated rap listener have been knowing.

A guitar solo gets the Fast Forward-button instantly.

But sample a guitar, loop it, filter it, and you have yourself some Boom Bap. From Kurtis Mantronik sampling Thin Lizzy to that incredibly harsh beat El-P made for that lost The Weathermen posse cut that was on or some such ancient site that probably only I remember and which I’d probably be very disappointed by if I heard it now to the incredible treatment of acoustic guitars by RZA, Muggs, Fugees, and so on.

That’s why I don’t like Kanye West; he’s turning rap music into indie rock, not vice versa. That’s why I like Yelawolf when he’s rapping over rock songs, but not vice versa.

Either turn your rock influences into rap music – like very differrent artists Ill Bill and Main Attrakionz and Rick Rubin have done successfully – or take that shit way out into outer space.

Like Ethereal, or The Jet Age Of Tomorrow.

Jan 212011

Så här förväntade jag mig absolut inte att en första remix på Fulla Shit skulle låta. Men inte klaga när det låter som om Richard D. James hade fått sina smutsiga rabarber på orginalet – frånsett att dagens AFX vore omäktig en så här officiell remix.

[bandcamp track=3128589607 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

Ethereals övriga material är kanske inte exakt efter Burn Ones beskrivning – “a whole lot more heat” – men garanterat oväntat för att komma från det här campet och chillat med några välbehövliga doser lo-fi.

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