Mar 252009

Frankie Boy’s lucky the mob had his back… otherwise he would never be mentioned anywhere near The King in the annals of popular music. Listen here to Elvis taking Blue Eyes’ own song and making it better. As is stated in the comments section, “nutin against u frank but this should hav been written for the king“.

Check the diamonds shining on the wrist, the futuristic outfit, and how he murders Willie Nelson on his own shit. This song should have been written for The King, too.

Miss Kittin can talk shit about Sinatra without a problem, but when she steps to The King, she better come correct. Her cover of Sweet Dreams was perfection, being everything the original should have been, but this version of Suspicious Minds better not leave the studio. The arrangement’s wrong, the beat’s wrong, the singing’s wrong, the whole damn song’s wrong. (The rest of the album seems to be making up for it, though.)

Here we got some favourite youtubes of the late great, for y’all to savor his sweet voice together with the striking features and adonis-like physique.

Elvis Presley – Devil in disguise

Elvis Presley – Crying in the Chapel

Elvis Presley – In The Ghetto

Läs även vad denne gentleman har att säga om Kungen.

Still holding the crown, holding it down…

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