Mar 262009

Kraut-rockers Neu engraved a short burst of electroclash on their 1973 album Neu 2, arriving at the same formula more than 20 years before Le Tigre, Chicks On Speed and all them suckers. Sure, the old german experimentalists and the new feminist art-school poseurs most likely don’t employ the exact same ingredients cooking up a track, but listen to the song below and tell me that it doesn’t sound a lot like some nineties preset drum-machine patterns with generic attitude-screeches. The 70s wins again.

Neu – Super 78

France never was any good at popular culture (except rap music, and Daft Punk), something the documentary Generation Electro clearly shows. So the kids there have made their own version of breakdance (actually the same thing with the robots and the headspins replaced by metrosexual dance moves from old Backstreet Boys-videos) called Tecktonik or some bullshit. Or they just refer to it as Electro.

But what do the french know about electro anyway? Isn’t Miss Kittin french? Can’t she tell them off? On the other hand, she might be too busy desecrating Elvis-classics and talking shit about Frank Sinatra to inform an up and coming generation what is right and wrong.

Who knows about electronic funk? The dutch, the frogs’ neighbours in the north, that’s who. To balance out the hate, here’s a smooth one from Holland’s finest.

Dexter – Valve (Live)

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