Feb 152012

Space Ghost Purp, why do you keep sampling trains?

I can’t get that out my head. Purp’s whole thing musically is based on a recreation of an old school 90′s lo-fi sound. Not tape manipulation, but manipulating music on a computer, I suppose, to make it sound as if it was played from an old cassette tape.

Pierre Schaeffer manipulated tapes, though. In 1948 he made his first experiment with musique concrète – experimental music made from manipulating tapes – by slowing down and speeding up the recording of a train, thereby making it seem that it moved slower and faster. By manipulating the tape, you are manipulating the listener’s perception of reality.

Recordings of trains continues to fascinate… and it is a pretty great sound… similar to the classic air horn sample in dub reggae, which has found its way into rap mixtapes in later years.

Dec 202011


Jag blev inte imponerad första gången jag hörde Purrp.

Men varje låt jag hört sedan dess har bearbetat mitt immunförsvar tills att jag nu kan kalla mig ett fan. Han utvecklas snabbt, nästan med en ny stil på varje nytt spår.

2012 verkar bli ett stort år för den unge Miami-rappare-producenten.



Sep 102011

Accumulating Power And Status, Assassinating Snitches And Police…

Well, more than an interview, it’s basically some cool footage of the new generation of rap legends linking together, doing their thing.

Harlem, Miami and North Oakland represented properly.

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