Aug 312012

American producers copying dead European trends is not a good look. Especially when you do it in a cold, technical manner, not bettering the style, nor understanding what actually makes dubstep enjoyable at times.

What makes rap music survive and stand strong is words and how you twist them around in all kinds of manners. Something ASAP Mob don’t seem very interested in. Tellingly, the only good rapping on their new tape comes from Detroit, Miami and Washington DC.

How many punchlines over throw back beats will Action Bronson and eXquire spit before everyone realize that they got their million dollar deals through nostalgia-tinted New York bias, and nothing else…

Mobb Deep should have handled their differences ten years ago. Or kept it on the down low. Now they make their city look weak and unintelligent.

What happened with kids of this pedigree anyway?

Some fans put their faith in that Joey kid. He’s not Bad, though… he’s a$$.

The last song from New York that had official rapping on it, and wasn’t over a throwback beat? I can’t recall. Probably from before they caged the wave. Max B rotting in prison because he only could afford a public defender? Que vergonha… With the truth behind bars, or sleeping in coffins, who will now make sure the core of the big apple don’t rot?

Surely not these non-rapping ASAP rappers…

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