Mar 262010

Matthew Africa is doing exactly what a DJ should. He presents music that I’ve never heard before in juicy, hour-long mp3 files, nicely mixed and wisely selected. Pulling out gems from the golden archives of old and sifting through torrents of the newest.

I’ve mentioned this Bay-mix from his peers before, full of music that bumped much like one of my absolute favorite albums, music that I’ve never heard before. Today I listened to Matthev Africa’s  jerk-mix, an hour of dope music that I never would have discovered if it wasn’t for his efforts.

Jerk music is pretty simplistic. The lyrics are one-minded and the beats are basic. But it’s very dope, full of bass. And the sound and the lyrical content is up-to-date. Which is crucial these days, when we got all these talented but traditionalist rappers coming out over generic Premier- and Just Blaze-productions. Which is why I’d rather listen to Lil B than Joell Ortiz. Even someone like Freddie Gibbs, who’s incredible on the mic, and is coming out of nowhere (or rather Gary, Indiana), takes the traditionalist approach a little too far at times.

Anyway, go and check out his blog and his mixes, it’s a goldwell of dopeness.

  2 Responses to “My new favorite DJ”

  1. aldrig hört talas om honom men verkar nice

  2. absolut. framförallt hans Jerk-mix, som jag tyvärr inte hittar länken till just nu.

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