Apr 212010

The dub techno formula has a tendency to inbreed. Few are the ones who succeed in bringing freshness to the table, year in, year out. Even an outstanding player like Marko Fürstenberg can get stuck in a rut. That’s why I admire Statik Entertainment‘s work during the last years. New beats. New sounds. Like number 022 in their catalogue. Techno music so minimal that it doesn’t have a techno beat. Crisp like computer chip prototypes. Meditative like slowly falling summer rain.

Statik Entertainment is pushing the limits of their genre the same way that Hyperdub is pushing their, with new drums, sounds, effects, and song structures, sometimes arriving at virgin land that artists such as Ikonika also have visited, but looking at it from another angle, in another mood. Listen to something like Grit’s Traction , from Satellite Religion, to see what I’m talking about.

From what I’ve heard from their catalog so far, I’d further recommend Exos’ U Cant Stop Time, Leonid’s Mora and Daniel Stefanik’s full length Reactivity.

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