Jul 292012

Queens levererar ännu en rödhårig rappare med lustigt skägg, som i sin tur levererar ett obesvärat flow över en sommarskön instrumental, signerat vår yngste ASAP-mobster.

Ytterligare övertygad om Cohens goda smak, efter att jag bland andra fina bitar på tuben funnit hans duett med en av burkens favoriter, norra Oaklands stolthet Mr Shady Blaze!

Jul 212012

Squadda Balboa, back on the block, shining… Greenova aura is untoachable at this moment.

u niggaz floating… we in the clouds, we be soaring…

Så jävla värt att kicka Rainy Dayz Remix-samplingen ännu en gång.

Så jävla värt att detta anthem droppas minuten efter brorsan ringer mig för att vi ska till vallen och reppa den gröna halsduken. Synd att jag glömde min green rag i södern, annars hade jag kunnat kombinera de två…

Mar 152012

As evident on the photo above, Hus-Alah AKA Jesus Cristo AKA your favorite rapper has not only very good taste in gear, but also in rap music.

The Jacka with Squadda B and Fed-X. You know that Main Attrakionz got a song coming with The Jacka… over a Rob Lo beat, right?

Also found three new songs from Squadda B, the first two from his next tape, Squad Ready – I Declare War, the other a collabo with San Francisco rapper DaVinci.

DaVinci, Dieselino & Squadda B – Top Shelf (prod. Big D)

Squadda B – Azz Bitch / We Got That Loud (Facebook Exclusive)

Mar 122012

YS x Greenova – Lost Tracks

One of the most talented Greenova producers, responsible for Down, Leave Da Tags On 2K12, G.O. Concert, Unfamiliar, YS’s shit slaps hard, and at the same, it’s very atmospheric. Beats are clean and dirty, spacious and dense.

What’s crucial here is to know exactly what very small pieces from the worlds of trap rap beats and ambient techno should be fit together for a grand monument. He pulls that off a few times on this tape.

Still, there’s a reason for these songs being unreleased. They’re a bit rough, and at times it’s evident exactly how much more skilled and precise the raps of Squadda B, Mondre M.A.N. and Shady Blaze have become in a short time.

There are a few solid slaps on here, and a lot of experimenting. That Shady Blaze goes off over a more or less 120 bpm electro track and makes it sound very fresh instead of very corny shows how far ahead of the competition they really are.

(Greenova x A$AP)

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