Aug 282012

Från Pimp C:s facebook-sida, ett exempel på hur polisen använder antiterroristlagar mot folk de ogillar:

“SHARE PLEASE & TAKE ACTION! Contact your local ACLU to get involved. To help Eric, reach out to the Tulane Law School’s criminal litigation clinic at

UGK Records recording artist: Eric “Vicious” Johnson has been wrongly implicated in a neighborhood shooting that ended in a bystander’s death. Under this terrorism statute, Eric is additionally charged with “the intention to intimidate or coerce the civilian population.” Because this terrorism law treats this situation as an act of public intimidation beyond typical murder, Eric is now facing the possibility of life imprisonment.

This is a tragic case that has taken the freedom of Mr. Eric Johnson, an innocent American citizen, a celebrated recording artist, father, and public servant. Through his music, Eric has spread a message of positivity that encourages youth to avoid the pitfalls of the violence and crime that he witnessed growing up.

Eric is an instrument of positive change on the community. He is not a murderer. This charge coupled with the terrorism statute has the potential to close the book on Eric’s honorable life. In this great nation, such an injustice cannot stand.

They are charging him with TERRORISM. The same thing Usama Bin Laden and the 9/11 hijackers were charged with. It’s a new law and it is not right to be used to target and incriminate innocent American citizens. Under this new law of classifying Eric as a terrorist, he can get shipped to Guantanamo Bay and be waterboarded with the people being arrested for terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s not right to be able to move him to a foreign prison and torture him. He is being held indefinitely without being charged for a crime. He didn’t shoot anyone. It’ all circumstantial evidence and nothing but lies from random people on the street! Eric is innocent and people need to realize how wrong it is to pin a bogus TERRORISM case on him. Eric is a good person and would never condone any terrorism. Help spread the word and help free Eric!”

Aug 272012

Shit, why did I skipped past this one before? Posse rapping at its finest…

Them hi-hats are laid out exquisitely over that fat, nasty bassline, Trae and Ro goes back and forth with the chorus, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Kirko Bangz and Bun B all bring their a-game, and K-Rino makes a cameo in the video…

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