Apr 162010

There’s Basic Channel. Rephlex. UR. All small islands, floating points in the same ocean. We are leaving Port of Nuba. There are paralell lines of evolution. We are near Iceland. We are somewhere outside the English coast. There is a Chain Reaction: Multila. We are entering Nautical Nuba. From outer space, everything goes underwater, inner-body.

I’ve spent the last months discovering that the son of Basic Channel, Chain Reaction, released as much quality material as the mother. And it feels strange writing it, but the music on Chain Reaction is way more adventurous. Listen to Scion’s Emerge, the first release on the label, from 1995. And go on from there. It gets even better.

Riding home from work on my bike over a thin layer of packed snow. This music proposes something higher than to be one with nature. To be one with the city. It means that you are one with what humans have created and are creating. An insight greater than Walden.

The track below is from Shinichi Atobe’s EP Ship-Scope. It was released almost ten years ago, but most electronic music is still ten years behind. Better yet, it has that timeless feel, the one you get after plunging way deep into the oceans of electronic sounds. It’s the loveliest piece of listening techno that I’ve heard in a long while.

Shinichi Atobe – The Red Line

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