Ass N Kusher – another dope tape from Livewire’s Stevie Joe

21 Grams was one of the dopest, most well-rounded tapes of 2011.

Then Stevie Joe started of 2012 by flipping that waste-of-network-time’s name into a mixtape title pun, incorporating rap life’s two very essentials booty and Buddha into it.

Ass N Kusher is a mixtape, not in the sense of low bitrates and some waste-of-airtime DJ hollering in your ear at a high volume, but it’s mixed together seamlessly. It starts off with LiveWire’s patented electro slaps bulldozing all over the competition, with Stevie Joe not taking his foot off the gas until the seventh song. He’s clearly, as he declares over some next level trap funk on Pu$$y Good, on some “straight to the point, no colorful punchlines / kush and coffee for breakfast, rappers for lunchtime” shit.

Although missing the standout hits of 21 Grams, Ass N Kusher is a varied and very strong tape, and finishes with the nearly eigth minute long for-the-ladies-rap Elevadors Remix (originally a slap by the The Hoodstarz), which I’d describe as cloud rap if it wasn’t so firmly rooted in the electro sound flooding the Bay Area as of late.

BONUS STEVIE JOE VIDEO: Continually impressed by how that “Life’s A Bitch” meme keep travelling into new levels of freshness.

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