Apr 192012

Slängde ihop en mix med några av mina favoritlåtar i svensk rap. Jag är ingen DJ, utan satt med här mixen mest för att prova ett nytt datorprogram. Det handlar mer om selections än skills.

Den borde passa som soundtrack till min artikel i veckans Arbetaren, där jag jämför samhällsutvecklingen i Bronx, Compton och i dagens Sverige, och vad den betyder för respektive rap-scen.


1. Black Ghost – Blod på mikrofonen
2. Kartellen f. Aki, Alpis, Lani Mo, Svartvit, Stoopido & Jocke – Fortfarande Samma Knas
3. Södra Sidan f. Sebbe, Nääk, Alpis, Fille & Mohammed Ali – Södra Sidan Remix
4. Byn Clicken f. Jacco & Jah Ibo – Nånting
5. TLK f. Fille & Fittja Chrille – Ainaziz
6. Stockholmssyndromet – Kärlek
7. Dani M – Nerifrån och upp
8. Stor – Psykos
9. TLK – Shunno Remix
10. Stuken f. Amir Fo Sho, Gigo & Evii– Hoppas Du Hittar Fram
11. Labyrint f. Black Ghost, Stor, Aleks, Allaywan, Pase, Dani M, Alladin Ashkar och Jaqe – Ortens Favoriter Remix
12. Mohammed Ali – Följer Mig Med Blicken

Jag vet, sista låten sticker ut, men det är min favoritlåt med Mohammed Ali och handlar ändå om det som hiphop kanske handlar om mest. Att se fresh ut, även utan pengar. Att vägra se ut som en luffare; från fat laces med tandborstade sulor, till Causal-kulturen, till Lo-Lifes, till Fjällräven, Helly Hansen och italiensk fotbolls-gear i våra förorter.

Strävan mot något bättre är den här kulturens fundament.

Jan 202012

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/33546651"]

No, no… hell no… when I say electro, I don’t mean that cheezy raptechno that you hear on the radio… I’m not talking about that French noise… and I’m most definitely not referring to your hipster friends art school “electro” rock band.

This is that terminator funk, that music to surgically remove government implants from behind your ears to. That cooking up C4 in the hotel room with Linda Hamilton music. Do a driveby on the flesh eating zombie population swarming in on your survivalist colony to this. Blast this while going back in time to eradicate the roots of Skynet.

Shout out to Magnus Natt och Dag, sitting by his cabin in the woods outside Göteborg, with his wife, some canned food, and a shotgun across his lap. (Excellent work on the mix!)

Jun 212011


This dropped just recently and is not as brilliant as that instrumental collection of Clams’ finest that came some time ago, but still worthwhile, for sure.

Track choices are interesting – even though his own beats normally be half-drowning in ethereal, drone-like soundscapes you can tell by his sense of arrangement and drum programming that he’s very much inspired by these kind of super polished, bass heavy club anthems.

You might have heard much of this already, but since I almost never go clubbing it’s all fresh to me.

Unheard uptempo Based God track in here, too.

Jun 252010

You rarely hear scratching and techno beats together. A shame, since it’s actually a good combo. At least when that combo consists of Per Hammar and Besh-One. And especially when you have the good judgement of pulling out your funkiest, most bass heavy dancefloor tracks and at times letting the scratches reach the point of abstraction (“is that a scratch? or a synthesizer?”). It’s almost time for a hiphouse-revival (not sure that would be a good thing).

Like they said over at Discobelle: “I’m looking forward to dance to this combo at some late night fiesta this summer.” All this scratching is making me itch.

Mar 262010

Matthew Africa is doing exactly what a DJ should. He presents music that I’ve never heard before in juicy, hour-long mp3 files, nicely mixed and wisely selected. Pulling out gems from the golden archives of old and sifting through torrents of the newest.

I’ve mentioned this Bay-mix from his peers before, full of music that bumped much like one of my absolute favorite albums, music that I’ve never heard before. Today I listened to Matthev Africa’s  jerk-mix, an hour of dope music that I never would have discovered if it wasn’t for his efforts.

Jerk music is pretty simplistic. The lyrics are one-minded and the beats are basic. But it’s very dope, full of bass. And the sound and the lyrical content is up-to-date. Which is crucial these days, when we got all these talented but traditionalist rappers coming out over generic Premier- and Just Blaze-productions. Which is why I’d rather listen to Lil B than Joell Ortiz. Even someone like Freddie Gibbs, who’s incredible on the mic, and is coming out of nowhere (or rather Gary, Indiana), takes the traditionalist approach a little too far at times.

Anyway, go and check out his blog and his mixes, it’s a goldwell of dopeness.

Oct 152009

I happened to catch some youtube-clips of Roc Raida these weeks, realizing what a great artist the world has lost. I did not know he was responsible for the scratches on Tres Leches (one of my favorites of Pun’s masterpiece). Anyway, together with DJ Craze he’s one of the more enjoyable turntablists to watch. But I can’t forget about these two guys. Just watch Mike going completely wingnuts on that Natural Born Killaz instrumental. Like the guy in the comments says, “the single best routine ever done by any DJ, ever”.


So with my mouth still watering I checked out last years DMC finals to see how these new generation is doing it, which is awfully, mostly. No real musicianship, no flavor, no soul, and pre-pressed vinyl (which is like cheating, yeah?). It’s just no fun watching this stuff anymore, which has to do something with a technical decline in musical history: two turntables do not excite very much these days. It’s not like there are an abundance of thrilling garage rock groups or acid house producers around now, either. Or are there? Each technique has its day is all I’m saying.

Oct 142009

Do you, like me, have a permanent place for Doggystyle in your Top 5 Rap Albums Of All Time? Then this mix here is pure gold.

record haterz(FRONT) web

It’s same sound, but I’ve heard close to none of these tracks before. The bay, like the south, is something to be explored for ex-New-York-talibans like me. Which is what I’m doing these days, listening to UGK, Marcus, Playboy Tre, Too Short, Devin The Dude, E-40, Z-Ro (who quickly has become one of my favorite lyricists), K-Rino, DJ Screw, Lil B, Outkast, Goodie Mob, Scarface, as much I can. There’s just too much of it… and the midwest and everywhere else outside of New York is pushing the same sound (see Freddie Gibbs).

Jun 152009

Listening to Robert Hood’s Deep Concentration: The Grey Area Mix.

I want to thank everyone who has pointed me towards this name in the past. With time you get to the important things in life – whether it be books, movies, or music – and then it all makes sense. I rarely listen to mixes (I prefer the fully physical live situation, with people moving mechanically around me; or perhaps I just have too short attention to span), but when it is put together this brilliantly, it is visionary funk in its purest, most beautiful form. It takes you places never seen, never before imagined.

Long live modern mythology, mass movements, motherships, minimal meditation, man machines, Motor City.

“Robert Hood makes minimal Detroit techno with an emphasis on soul and experimentation over flash and popularity.”

Apr 282009

Calfornian techno maverick Cold Rob, now living somewhere among the lush hills of São Paulo State, Brazil, sends us this:




zSHARE – Cold Rob A.mp3

Starting out tech-house, the set goes into some harder stuff. Dope shit all the way through. Now where’s “B”?

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