Jul 312012

Riff Raff owes giant pieces of his swagger to Gucci Mane and Lil B. That’s normal. It’s nothing for me to say that. That’s common ledge-knowing. But wait.

The homies over at Pure Baking Soda don’t just bless the nets with incredible rapper-related illustrations, they have also blessed us with two clues to the genesis of Riff Raff’s style some time ago… Dallas rapper Big Tuck… and fellow Houstonian and Swishahouse signee Lil Ron.

Listen to the songs linked, and then slap some Riff Raff. The similarity is undeniable, shocking, revelatory.

Now take a look at this interview with Bizzy Bone from some 14 years ago (I think I first found it on imnotatoy.com, but when I looked for it there again, I did not find it).

Bizzy’s pronunciation of words and the rhythm which with they roll out his mouthpiece, the obtuse angle that he’s eyeballing the host at, his finely (yeah, somewhat femininely) executed humour and wordplay, his all over dramatic demeanour, his dramatic fashion sense, with the braids, glasses, facial hair, animal prints, and so on; is he Riff Raff’s biological father or do they merely share a spiritual kinship?

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