May 272010

I know what’s wrong. I know why you’re hurting, baby.

You’re missing electro, right? Me too. Urban life is not the same without the original urban dance music. But the kids don’t wanna hear it. Nobody cares no more. In the late 90s to the early 00s you had that electro revival, with Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Anthony Rother and Adult releasing fine material, and American renegades like DJ Assault and Drexciya upgrading and perfecting the formula for electronic Funk. Some championed a traditional approach, others tended to mix it up with punk aesthetics, giving birth to the electro-clash, electro-punk styles. Well, those style had bastard kids. Obnoxious, deformed critters, who outlived their parents. Nowadays when you see “electro” written on a flyer, get ready to get disappointed. Usually we’re talking talentless indie rock groups that got a drum machine for christmas, or some sad Ed Banger-clones with questionable facial hair and way too tight jeans.

Well, let’s try to block out all that for the moment. Here below we got some thick 808 drums, some harsh basslines, and beautifully cold atmospheres. I hope there’s something you haven’t heard before. (Also, if you’d like to… go take a listen to my own humble attempts at electro here).

Blackploid – Photographic Photogenic

Blackploid – Mystery Speaker

E.R.P. – Vox Automaton

The Hacker – Masterplan f. Miss Kittin

The Hacker – Electronic Snowflakes

I’m planning to post more heavy slaps soon, so stay tuned…

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