Jun 172009

Tim Maia – Eu Amo Voce

I dedicate this song to Mariana. The discussion is over now, I assume.

Bring me a Jorge Ben song that rivals the naked heart and soul of Eu Amo Voce, and we can talk about it.

You can’t find one? Is that so? Really? And why?

Because a song like that doesn’t exist. Sim gatinha, Jorge Ben is mad talented… but please, he doesn’t even reach the shoulders of Mr. Tim Maia. The man towers over his competitors. He is the best of Brazil, ever.

And this is the end of that.

“Que beleza é sentir a natureza

Ter certeza pr’onde vai

E de onde vem

Que beleza é vir da pureza

E sem medo distinguir

Maia e o Ben

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