Jun 252010

You rarely hear scratching and techno beats together. A shame, since it’s actually a good combo. At least when that combo consists of Per Hammar and Besh-One. And especially when you have the good judgement of pulling out your funkiest, most bass heavy dancefloor tracks and at times letting the scratches reach the point of abstraction (“is that a scratch? or a synthesizer?”). It’s almost time for a hiphouse-revival (not sure that would be a good thing).

Like they said over at Discobelle: “I’m looking forward to dance to this combo at some late night fiesta this summer.” All this scratching is making me itch.

Oct 152009

I happened to catch some youtube-clips of Roc Raida these weeks, realizing what a great artist the world has lost. I did not know he was responsible for the scratches on Tres Leches (one of my favorites of Pun’s masterpiece). Anyway, together with DJ Craze he’s one of the more enjoyable turntablists to watch. But I can’t forget about these two guys. Just watch Mike going completely wingnuts on that Natural Born Killaz instrumental. Like the guy in the comments says, “the single best routine ever done by any DJ, ever”.


So with my mouth still watering I checked out last years DMC finals to see how these new generation is doing it, which is awfully, mostly. No real musicianship, no flavor, no soul, and pre-pressed vinyl (which is like cheating, yeah?). It’s just no fun watching this stuff anymore, which has to do something with a technical decline in musical history: two turntables do not excite very much these days. It’s not like there are an abundance of thrilling garage rock groups or acid house producers around now, either. Or are there? Each technique has its day is all I’m saying.

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