Apr 132011

Theodore Bone Crusher – Who Are We?
(391 views?! This youtube is some bullshit edit, but that Theodore Unit album had tracks. Ghost and Trife throwing darts over a grimy beat, grimier chorus provided by Bonecrusher.)

Mobb Deep f. Eightball – Where Ya From
(Laidback New York traditionalism, but Eighball seems well and comfortable in the mix.)

Fat Joe Big Pun Eightball – Heavyweights
(Huge beat. Pun’s verse is like the foulest ever.)

Cormega f. Lil Wayne – Who Can I Trust?
(True to his renegade nature Mega collaborated with Lil Wayne way back when he wasn’t even hot.)

Outkast f. Raekwon – Skew It On The Bar-B
Big Boi ft. Andre 3000 & Raekwon – Royal Flush

(“When the South was down, Rae was there for them. A lot of shit that I do, it just happens. How that Outkast shit jumps off is I’m pushing through the mall in the A, and I see the kid. And its like respect, kings respect kings. And we just got in the studio, I liked the niggas as individuals, and they looked at me the same way. We made history.“)

50 Cent Bun B – As The World Turns
(Bun B’s best song with an East Coast rapper? Or the one below?)

Jay-Z f. UGK – Big Pimping

Kool G Rap f. Killer Mike, Bun B – Real OG’s
(Tuff song I never see mentioned. From G Rap’s tape on G-Unit.)

Kool G Rap f. Ice Cube Geto Boys – Two To The Head
(These days collabos rarely come out this raw.)

Freeway f. Scarface – Baby Don’t Do It
(Listening to this daily, preferably on repeat. Scarface, best flow ever here.)

Gang Starr f. Scarface – Betrayal
(Premier at his best, ditto the storytelling.)

Ghostface f. Scarface – Face Off
(Would like a more official collabo between the greats, in the meantime this will do.)

Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel, Scarface – This Can’t Be Life


Dec 292009

Expanding on the subject, I bring you some seasonal music.


Yagya – Rigning Tvo

A very beautiful and atmospheric dub-techno track coming from the ice-cold plains of Iceland. You can almost hear the springwater running from the melting ice.

Boo Williams – Summer Love

I’m really starting to get into this more traditional, straight (er, I mean gay) house music.

Anders Ilar – September Nights

A strong expressive quality is rare in electronic music. In a field full of scientists it’s difficult to come across a true poet, someone who really paints landscapes with effects and distorted percussion. September Nights by Sweden’s own Anders Ilar is an accurate portrait of the torn industrial beauty of the Swedish suburb Hisingen Island an autumn night (and Illusions of a Summer Breeze by the same artist qualifies as strongly expressive winter music).

DeepChord Presents Echospace – Winter In Siney

The Coldest Season (fitting name for an album of winter music) is brilliant and magnificent. Starting from the pioneering work of Basic Channel, we move towards colder territories.


Biz Markie – Spring Again

Great video by a great live performer. We need more artists like this, in these coldly segregated days of rap music. It’s difficult to believe he was in the same crew as Kool G Rap and Tragedy.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime

The anthem for the summer.

Trife Diesel – Stronger Man

Better Late Than Never was one of the stronger releases of 2009. In this beautifully produced track we find our protagonist when summer is over; it’s back to working and studying, trying to better our situation, to become a Stronger Man. It’s time to grow up.

A Tribe Called Quest – We Got The Jazz

My favorite ATCQ track, and one of the best videos ever. N.Y. winter has never looked as cool.

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