Oct 102012

Love how that Roy Ayers-sounding sample creeps in to the body of the beat, very much like how them slug-like, alien life forms was invading Kryceck’s body in the third season of The X-Files.

Damn shame Beanie is heading to the big house. And for taxes!

His latest tape, This Time, was very good.

And if there is one rapper on this green earth who is criminally underrated, it’s Tony Yayo. Sure, he might have slurred his words and penned some sub-par rhymes during the G-Unit reign of the mid 00′s, but he always stayed humble, was the first New York rapper to show love to artists such as Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane, Lil B, and Danny Brown, and has twice as many good songs and twice as many guns as your favorite rapper.

And he was killing them old freestyles.

… these rappers is talking about bricks in their rhymes, you never did shit but some Mickey Mouse crimes.

Feb 272011

Ser videon ovan efter jag ser den här videon, och tänker: Vem trodde att Lil B och Tony Yayo skulle skina med klassisk NY-skit 2011? Och att Tony Yayo skulle stjäla showen från The Based God med någon slags GM GRIMM-vers?

Det kanske låter konstigt idag, men G-Unit lät jävligt bra när de kom. Beg For Mercy hade sjuka beats.

Det här är iofs den enda andra Yayo-vers som jag gillat:

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