Mar 102011

Thou shall not mix rock and rap.

Thou shall sample it. This any dedicated rap listener have been knowing.

A guitar solo gets the Fast Forward-button instantly.

But sample a guitar, loop it, filter it, and you have yourself some Boom Bap. From Kurtis Mantronik sampling Thin Lizzy to that incredibly harsh beat El-P made for that lost The Weathermen posse cut that was on or some such ancient site that probably only I remember and which I’d probably be very disappointed by if I heard it now to the incredible treatment of acoustic guitars by RZA, Muggs, Fugees, and so on.

That’s why I don’t like Kanye West; he’s turning rap music into indie rock, not vice versa. That’s why I like Yelawolf when he’s rapping over rock songs, but not vice versa.

Either turn your rock influences into rap music – like very differrent artists Ill Bill and Main Attrakionz and Rick Rubin have done successfully – or take that shit way out into outer space.

Like Ethereal, or The Jet Age Of Tomorrow.

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