Dec 212009

It’s snowing like it’ll never stop here in Sweden. Eternal winter is coming. The mental ice-age is upon us.

I’ll make my escape in a month, though, so I’m good. But until then, we have to adapt our listening to the seasonal changes. Here’s some music that fits better with the snow falling.

Aril Brikha – Departure In Time, Ex Machina

You want some lush synthesizers to watch the snow falling by with your sweetheart, but not feeling quite ready for Wham? Then you need to go see Aril Brikha, maker of romantic, Detroit-influenced, immaculately arranged techno tracks… soft like freshly fallen snow, visionary like the North Star.

Claro Intelecto – Warehouse Sessions

The coldness of electro and the openness of minimal techno that goes into this album makes it perfect for frozen landscape with clear skies.

Pole – Steingarten

Music to plow snow to. They’ve thrown some grooves into this, and the sounds are clean, like a public washing machine. Experimental electronic music taken a bit beyond the glitches Pole started their career with.

Dopplereffekt – Calabi Yau Manifold

The perfect soundtrack for your polar expeditions, both for when pouring over complex scientific data and for boldly going where no man has gone before.


Freddie Gibbs – From Tha G (youtube)

They ride lowriders in Gary, Indiana, too – it just looks really cold with the top down. Freddie keeping it gully all seasons, literally speaking. Snow won’t stop him from stunting. (I’m guessing the obligatory party people hanging in the background are at home sipping on hot cocoa.)

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