Oct 042012

För att ligga så nära sin mentor The Jacka i flow, attityd och ämnesval så lyckas ändå Jocke Blås låta helt unik.

Som hans alias skvallrar om så ligger dock perspektivet närmare the everyday man. Detta blir tydligt i videon, där Jocke struttar bland vykortsvyer i sin hemstad tillsammans med sin lilla dotter, som avslutar det hela med en charmig freestyle. Check a real girl out.

Jan 162012

If The Jacka could be said to have made based music and cloud rap before Lil B and Main Attrakionz, then the first artist on his The Artist Records makes post-cloud rap… in the sense that the beat for Real Against Fake clearly is some Clams Casino shit. Now I don’t know who’s behind it, nor if he’s familiar with the work of the New Jersey-raised beat provider for Asap Rocky, Mac Miller, Havoc, etc… but that ten-fingers-to-the-sky sound is without a doubt present here, too.

The Jacka was telling us about Joe Blow when we interviewed him, but dude’s whole demeanor is just so humble and unassuming that the name kinda got lost in the blur of the interwebs… sometimes we just lose focus like that… but after finally having digested You Should Be Paying Me, it’s nothing to say that it’s a top ten release of 2011.

No weak verses, no rushed guest appearances, no trend hopping radio joints, strictly slapping beats, and the kind of life weary lyricism from the protagonist that only the makers of the finest of mob music provide.


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