Mar 192013

They tried to throw me under the bus and ruin the kid
but I came back with full fronts and exclusive kicks

Första Ill Bill-versen på lääänge som jag rewindar.

Kan inte heller hata på att Cormega fortsätter lägga den där Malcolm X-skiten, hardbody.

I’m every slave’s dream, I own my masters.

Mar 102011

Thou shall not mix rock and rap.

Thou shall sample it. This any dedicated rap listener have been knowing.

A guitar solo gets the Fast Forward-button instantly.

But sample a guitar, loop it, filter it, and you have yourself some Boom Bap. From Kurtis Mantronik sampling Thin Lizzy to that incredibly harsh beat El-P made for that lost The Weathermen posse cut that was on or some such ancient site that probably only I remember and which I’d probably be very disappointed by if I heard it now to the incredible treatment of acoustic guitars by RZA, Muggs, Fugees, and so on.

That’s why I don’t like Kanye West; he’s turning rap music into indie rock, not vice versa. That’s why I like Yelawolf when he’s rapping over rock songs, but not vice versa.

Either turn your rock influences into rap music – like very differrent artists Ill Bill and Main Attrakionz and Rick Rubin have done successfully – or take that shit way out into outer space.

Like Ethereal, or The Jet Age Of Tomorrow.

Dec 312010

Ingen topplista men några låtar som också förtjänar att nämnas.

Från New York, The Bay Area, The Dirty South och Sverige.

Ta hem BRYTBURKEN YEAR END RAPS 2010 samlade i en zip-fil här.

01. Ghostface f. Black Thought – In Da Park (“The first Herc Party I went to was at the P.A.L. on Webster. There were three or four of us in the gym drinking beer, high on weed. I was fourteen of fifteen years old. There was this slow-motion thing… people were dusted, smoking angel dust (PCP). The acrid smell was in the air, the smoke was visible, floating on this one level, flashing in the red strobe light. It was illin’, a hostile atmosphere, people getting high in the bathroom. When we came in, they wanted to see what circle we would dance in. I got punched in the eye: I had to battle one of the Nigger Twins. He used this spin move. Clark Kent was a DJ, but when he wanted to burn somebody he would dance. They all rapped but not on the beat. Coke La Rack was Jamaican. Timmy Tim was the smoothest: ‘The sounds that you hear hear hear… (heavy echo vibes) deaf to your ear ear ear… ’cause you have no fear fear fear… ’cause Herc is here here here…’ ‘We’re going to give you a little taste of the bass…(turns off the treble). We’re going to hit you with the highs…’” – Melle Mel, intervjuad i fantastiska boken Yes Yes Y’all)

02. The Bounce Squad feat. Jadakiss – The Bounce Is Back (Snagglepus vers på Step Into The Cipher är en av  höjdpunkterna på Everything Is Everything – kände inte till gruppen. Men Jadakiss tar hem det här.)

03. Ill Bill f. B.Real – Amputated Saint (Kill Devil Hills var gedigen, men en icke-nyhet med lågt replay-värde. Men det här var ett undergångsanthem som fungerade jävligt bra.)

04. DJ Fresh f. D-Lo, Mistah F.A.B., Young Moses & Philthy Rich – 18 (Autechre Swag.)

05. Lil B – Cook, Steak, Knife (Börft Swag. Ord befrias från betydelser och blir mantran. “Cook… Steak… Knife… Swag… Kill… Knife…Squadda B:s beat är så nära amerikansk rap kommer dubstep och EBM.)

06. Main Attrakionz – Young As Fuck (Pink Floyd / Black Panthers Swag.)

07. ISSUE ft. Droop-E, Ya Boy, and Cousin Fik – Dont Disturb My Fly

08. Lil B – The Age Of Information

09. DJ Burn One – Bobby Cox (The Ashtray är efterlängtad. DJ Burn One har talang och en vision. Lyssna på hur han har satt ihop den här låten, kolla hans blog och resumé. Marknaden är inte direkt översvämmad av instrumentala album dessa jävla dagar.)

10. Killa Kyleon f. Z-Ro – Swang Real Wide (Utifrån introt här är det svårt atta avgöra om Rother Vandross rappar eller gör klassisk soul. Har likt Houston-kollegan Scarface inte flest klassiska album – men har aldrig skrivit en dålig rad.)

11. Z-Ro – Eyez On The Prize (10cc-beats. Årets motivationsrap.)

12. G-Side ft. Geographer & Jhi Ali – Impossible (Årets intressanta producentgrupp.)

13. Big K.R.I.T. f. Yelawolf – Hometown Hero Remix (För en småstadsdude är denna remix årets låt.)

14. Yelawolf – Box Chevy pt. 3 (Den tredje uppföljaren överträffar orginalet. Årets glidarlåt, årets tyngsta bas. Rittz stjäl showen – 2010 är de rödskäggigas år.)

15. Carlito f. Stor & Mohammed Ali – AYLA

16. Kartellen – Vilsna Själar

Jun 062010

How dope are the Muggs beats gonna be on this one? The last ones were fire!!

this is definitely the craziest VS album Muggs has done..I know it’s my album too so of course I might say that but everybody else that’s heard it agrees..production & conceptually it just plays out like a movie..all the songs moves like a concept record the way the beats blend with the words even though we didn’t plan it like that..the chemistry just took over..It’s basically it’s own sound, the Muggs vs Bill sound..ya’ll are gonna bang out to this one for sure..

I still have high hopes for William Braunstein.

Only a few tracks on The Hour Of Reprisal did it for me, but an entire album with the same producer might give us another classic. I mean it worked for What’s Wrong With Bill.

Oct 162009

This is great news, Ill Bill being one of my favorite rappers, and Muggs one of my favorite producers. The album he did with GZA was pretty good, the one with Sick Jacken had some of the rawest rap tracks from recent times (Land Of Shadows was perhaps the best song of that year) on it, so I’m thinking this should be nothing short of epic.

The project with Sean Price (Pill?) should be very interesting as well. Two unique, hardcore Brooklyn vets sharing the mic; that’s a dream combo. Let Necro handle the production.

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