Oct 042012

The same year that ASAP Mob – the new hype and hope of New York rap – served us two surprisingly atrocious songs with their idols Jim Jones and Raekwon, a Bay Area veteran did more or less the opposite. On The Sentence we find two historically important and close-to-classic records featuring N.Y. legends.

The Jacka does not receive the attention that he deserves. His pen writes both hits and introspective scriptures, infectious hooks over throbbing club music, as well as pain verbalized over very distinctive, etheral, left field production (yes, seeking out them really different sounding slaps is a speciality of his).

Why is he not more widely recognized?

Maybe because he, in a sense, already is a finished product. He knows his market. He knows his art. He’s rich from shows and selling tapes all over the west coast and the midwest. He doesn’t need the industry. They can’t control him like an artist lacking in either the streets or the music side of things. And they know that he knows that they know this, you know.

The Jacka has a way of bringing out the best out of otherwise unknown artists, as well as Bay Area favorites both old (like Too Short and E-40) and new (like J. Stalin and Lil Rue). But even then the collabos on his latest album – The Sentence slipped under my radar at first, since web promotion is neglected and record stores ’round my parts never keep his albums on display, not that I ever visit record stores – stand out.

With Havoc and Prodigy beefing, and continuing to disappoint as solo acts, M.O.B. is a breath of fresh air. It might be the last Mobb Deep song we will ever get, and surely the last good one. How did they end up here? How did the song turn out so organic?

Beat-wise it’s a logical continuation from Murda Muzik, before their sound took a turn for the worse. It’s energetic and electronic, but with a distinctive New York feel. And it fits perfectly with the rest of The Jacka’s catalog.

As if snatching up the last pre-beef verses from the iconic Queensbridge duo wasn’t enough, through some miracle The Jacka also got Max B out of prison, flew him over to the Bay Area, made him lay down some bars in the studio, and then flew him back to the East Coast and back to prison.

That’s what it sounds like at least. I know someone is on the twitter trying to sell verses from Bigavelli, but Look Into My Eyes really sounds like a song where both rappers were present in the studio. It’s not just new rhymes from the Wavy One himself, we get two whole verses from him over an incredible, Jeffro-sounding instrumental.

Sep 172012

Underbart skönt att höra the wavy one på radion, och att han verkar vara i god form.

Hoppas innerligt att han får ihop pengar till sitt försvar så han slipper ruttna i fängelset. Vad är det, 75 års instängning han hotas med?

Å ena sidan, varför gick ingen rik rappare (French Montana?) in med pengar så han slapp försvaras av en public defender? Å andra sidan är det väl så som Hell Rell säger… hade han inte bränt så stora summor på the high life så hade han haft råd till det själv.

Hursomhelst, stöd Max B och skriv under denna här grejen…

Aug 282012

Persian Wine? Listen, man, the God-fearing denizens of the middle east don’t drink no crushed grapes…

On the other hand, we got Danny Brown, Fat Trel, Gunplay (on the same track!), Raekwon, and a song called Banging On Waxx, produced by Ty Beats, on here. Tomorrow is the day when the fate of ASAP will be decided…

Aug 212012

Rocky i really like you, and your music! But damn your crew can’t rap man

Videon är vansinnig, men jag måste nog hålla med youtube-kommentaren ovan.

Och Purple Kisses var lika tråkig som den där EP:n från Kilo Kish (som är med i videon ovan och ser uttråkad ut).

Att få så mycket pengar så tidigt i ens karriär måste vara förödande för ens kreativitet. Varför skriva raps när man kan mata hipsterbrudar med MDMA hela dagen?

Jul 272012

Jag skulle ljuga om jag sa att jag pumpade Wu-Tang varje vecka 2012. Finns så mycket annan rap, ny och gammal. Och Wu är vintermusik, hursomhelst.

Men chansen finns att det kommer en Sunz Of Man-relaterad post snart. Och ganska nyss kunde du höra Fejs erfarenhetsrappa över gruppens klassiska sommarinstrumental här (Decks vers där kan för övrigt vara den bästa av sitt slag – “working hard may help you maintain, to learn to overcame the heartaches and pain“).

Upptäckte att även två ASAP-allierade dudes har gjort sin grej på samma beat. Man blir glad för mindre.

Jul 272012

Bath Salt (prod. P On The Boards) (feat. Flatbush ZOMBiES) by ASAPMob

Flatbush Zombies on the first ASAP Mob-single? Terrible idea. Everybody who does not spend their day putting pictures of weed on Tumblr know that Thug Waffle is garbage; beat-wise, rap-wise, conceptually.

But they stepped up here. ASAP Ant and ASAP Rocky, too. It’s hard to tell how well these raps will hold up over time, but it’s refreshing to hear Flacko rhyme about acid and aliens, rather than cough syrup and expensive clothes.

It all comes together over this ominous, very New York-sounding, but still fresh and dynamic beat. It is impossible to overemphasize the need for New York to build on tradition but still bring that next level shit. You know, like how Prodigy did on HNIC pt. 2 and Product Of The 80′s, or how RZA did on Wu-Tang Forever.

What happened with that mentality?

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