Apr 142010

I would say that Twin Peaks, GITS-SAC and The X-files are my favorite TV-shows of all times.

So here comes Fringe, which a friend described as a modern version of The X-files. Which it is, in a way. It revolves around the same themes. But while Mulder and Scully many times dealt with the supernatural, monsters and general hocus pocus, Fringe has a more scientific leaning (even though we’re talking pretty fucking weird science). While The X-files was a serialized detective story mixed up with some romantic comedy to make it tick, Fringe is basically a cop show, based around the same kind of  structure that we know from Hill Street Blues to The Wire. But with a modern, toyotist twist.

Fringe is, of course, nowhere nearly as monumental as The X-Files. The protagonist is hardly as magnetic as Mulder or Scully. And just like in The X-files some episodes are rather silly. But in general it hits home runs. It really grabs you, and it moves fast. When I get some time I’ll finish watching all the seasons.

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