Aug 112009


Minimal techno, click house, IDM – pretty much absent this year. The much anticipated skweee battle sort of ran out in the sand, with the majority of the audience leaving before their set was done. An anti-climax if anything. I guess they are better not live. Teatermaskinen represented quite nicely though with cheap food and drinks, tall tales of their new bauhaus, Johan Jönson reading from his latest book, and some industrial acts that I missed. I also missed Danish favorites Rumpistol and Kid Kishore / DJ Hvad, a damn shame. But what was really 2009?

8-bit beats. Role Model and especially Goto80, backed up by the intriguing VJ-wizardry of Raquel Meyers, knocked down all doors and the competition flat to the ground. They’re just getting better, and better. And more than a few happy amateurs could be seen on the camping area performing rituals of black magic with their gameboys.

Breakcore. Broken Note have learned his lessons from Kid Spatula’s epic track Hard Love, stretching them out and employing them for a set of maximum dancefloor action. The Teknoist was a nice surprise, too, and even had the good taste of dropping Bjork’s Joga over some modern electronic brutalism. DJ Producer convinced us that hardcore will never die, dropping riot techno beats while doing old school scratch routines on CD-players. Three pretty great shows. And around the camping area you could hear people blasting new strange hybrids of speedcore and jungle from their soundsystems. The hard music is back.


Acid. B12 won new fans (me included) with a traditionalist, transcendental, 303-based show. Another victory for knob-twiddling shamanism. And with Camp 303 organizing an official stage, there were no shortage of enthusiasts squeezing out the last drop of acid out of their beautiful analog equipment. The best music of the festival could often be found at that stage. But even with that crew becoming an official part of the festival, some of the most innovative and exciting performances could still be found on the camping area.


Jul 252009

Såg precis Carlito live på Möllevångsfestivalen. Då han bara har tre låtar ute (så vitt jag vet), så var han smart nog, att efter ha kört sina hits D Sån DärSäg Pass! och Babylon Brinner (och gjort det bra), låta några andra hungriga rappare ta över. Först körde Ja-da (?) en låt, och det var bra, men sen kom Aki och hans grupp Labyrint på och stal hela kvällen, trots regn och keff ljudtekniker.

Aki är känd från sina verser med Kartellen (bl a sken han starkare än alla på Samma Knas Varje Dag). Det var kul att se han med Labyrint, de har verkligen kemi och vet hur man gör show. Jacco är grym, och dom andra två vill man också se mer av. När Professor P gick på med sina fesljumna amerikanismer efteråt var det som natt och dag. Ett  mixtape är på väg. Och se dom om du har chans.

Carlito har också en EP på gång. Guldburen ska den heta, om jag förstod det rätt.


“tacka emot och hoppas på ett bättre liv i himlen,

men det enda som finns där är sateliter som tar bilder”

Jul 032009


Passed by at the FUSION FESTIVAL last week. You know, generally it takes some days to gather your thoughts after an exhausting experience such as this… many new impressions, new musical and personal acquaintances… let me start by saying, that this was probably the best festival I have ever been to.

Germans know how to organize. Excellent, cheap, all vegetarian food. Logistics that makes sure you can walk anywhere on the festival area in a few minutes – and art exhbitions, food stands, bars and light shows between the stages and DJ floors that make sure you are never bored when moving around. Free toilets everywhere. (If you wanna flush down your shit and wash your hands with soap, you can do that for half a Euro… which felt like a sweet deal in the dirt and sweat of the festival.) Free showers (OK, in the morning and around noon, the line was almost an hour long… but times flies when you are waiting in the sun with the grass and the trees around you… and you are talking to nice people who also enjoy the Basic Channel-techno heard from the nearby dancefloor).

The whole thing was like clockwork. But the thing I found most enjoyable about the whole deal was that the crass commercial spirit, haunting festivals all over the world, had been successfully supressed here. You can take your own drinks when you see the music. No company logos. You can take all the drugs you want to, as long you’re not an asshole about it. No fights. Very few hipsters with too much attitude. In general a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. And the whole four day festival costs only 55 euros, which, as an example, is about a fourth of the Roskilde festival.

Before going I was familiar with less than a handful of the names in the program. That did not matter, though. Walking around I could hear electronic music all around me at all hours of the day, most of it quality stuff. It is the place for you to discover new names.

The Argentinian Hijo de La Cumbia was very nice, taking a hardcore, junglist approach to Cumbia (a genre that is, as I understand it, to Peru, Bolivia and Northern Argentina what reggae is to Jamaica).

Extrawelt gave us some tight, analog techno that sounded very different (much better, fatter) than what I found with them on youtube. One of the highlights of the festival.


Marc Houle showed class, masterfully serving us hard after banging hard techno track in the very early morning.

Best of all, as well as an old favorite of us here at Brytburken, was the German dub techno wizard Marko Fürstenberg. He showed the way to a minimal future with a set finely balanced between rich dub bunker pads and sharp, edgy, digital techno rhytmhs. It was well worth to ascend to consciousness at 11 AM to see that. That he played on the outdoor floor pictured below did not make things worse.


Apr 102009

- C64-trickster Goto80 is the only one that looks familiar at a first glance… But I dug beneath the surface, and I’m digging what I found:

- SKAM-artist Ola Bergman

- UK techno legends B12

- If Milanese gets “more than OK’d” by known dubstep-hater Altemark, he has to be doing a good job at beating the most out of the genre.

- “There is little known about Syntheme, who keeps very discreet; but rumours circulate of the origins of her work, and whispers of collaborations with Global Goon and Aphex Twin refuse to disappear.”

- The DJ Producer: almost-gabber if I remember correctly… should be interesting at least.

We’ll meet there…!!!

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