Mar 192013

They tried to throw me under the bus and ruin the kid
but I came back with full fronts and exclusive kicks

Första Ill Bill-versen på lääänge som jag rewindar.

Kan inte heller hata på att Cormega fortsätter lägga den där Malcolm X-skiten, hardbody.

I’m every slave’s dream, I own my masters.

Apr 182011

I’ve always wondered where that “House Of Pain aint down with us” from Temples Of Boom (AKA one of the most exquisitely produced rap albums ever) came from.

“‘Running around with yellow, orange hair. Fuckin’ lookin’ like James Dean. Niggas wearin’ tight leather pants to the clubs out here.’ Muggs’ clowning has everyone in stitches. ‘I don’t even know them motherfuckers. I knew Everlast for five minutes, did his shit. His two boys with ‘em, I don’t know them.’”

Oct 162009

This is great news, Ill Bill being one of my favorite rappers, and Muggs one of my favorite producers. The album he did with GZA was pretty good, the one with Sick Jacken had some of the rawest rap tracks from recent times (Land Of Shadows was perhaps the best song of that year) on it, so I’m thinking this should be nothing short of epic.

The project with Sean Price (Pill?) should be very interesting as well. Two unique, hardcore Brooklyn vets sharing the mic; that’s a dream combo. Let Necro handle the production.

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