Det borde skrivas en europeisk raps historia

Det borde skrivas en europeisk raps historia. Följande citat för osökt tankarna till Kinesens visioner för Kartellen… och en fråga kring hur det har sett ut i andra länder.

The aim of the record label, Aggro Berlin, was to reinvigorate German pop music with German gangsta rap, which had never existed before. Elsewhere in the world, hip-hop is an art form that gives the children of immigrants a means of expressing their hunger for strength and wealth. But, in Germany, it was firmly in the hands of the white, German-born middle-class.

Indeed, Germany around the turn of the millennium was a completely different country than it is today. It was already home to millions of second- and third-generation immigrants, but they were still invisible and voiceless. Likewise, there were very few players of Turkish or Tunisian heritage on the German national football team.“

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