Friheten är störst

I had top of the line cars and jewelry gleaming

The sweetest luxury I ever knew was freedom

I’d rather be home poor than living up north

Reminiscing of a bad bitch or niggaz I ran with (…)

I’m a convict, a lot of rappers spit that hard shit

But can’t look in me in the face, niggaz is fake“

It’s real, my mom shot dope in her vein

Pops laying in the clouds took a shot in the brain

So I never sleep, always gonna keep my banger

And the media wonder why I write such anger

Imagine life as a lost soul, cold, no guidance

Outta control, cater to crime life and violence

And me no love Bush, despise Bin Ladin

It’s like I’m stuck in the middle between two fascists

This world’s shallow, I’m prepared for gun battle“

Inget ballt att va rebell, men friheten är störst

Vad var det Jesus menade – den sista ska bli först“

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