Oct 092012

That beats sounds sick, and Cormega turning to more personal subject matters is a welcome change. Maybe that’s what has been missing in his output in recent years.

  2 Responses to “Cormega performs new song live in Poland”

  1. That second verse is nice, not sure about that hook though. Never heard his last album, is it worth checking?

    All the “Mega punches in constantly” bullshit really distracts people from him realizing hes one of the best live performers. Dudes who do actually excessively punch in (half the rappers out) never get called out though.

  2. Yeah, he’s a great live performer. People hate on him for some reason.

    The songs with AZ and Nature and with Blaq Poet, Tragedy and Havoc were pretty good (even though the second one is a new version of the song from Born & Raised)… but that live band thing always sounds weak in hiphop.


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