Mar 112012

Great song that you might have missed. If not… it’s worth another spin.

G-Mane biting Nate Dogg so very tastefully, ST 2 Lettaz killing both his verse and the lo-fi camera work, Yung Clova rocking them De-Niro-in-Casino glasses, Mick Vegas laying down a very smooth and relaxed instrumental.

Finna blow three hard earned digital dollars on that Smoke Some Kill tape right now.

Alabama’s in this bitch… like a dog’s dick.

  2 Responses to “G-Side f. G Mane – No One Does It Better”

  1. This has always been my fav’ tune either G have ever been involved in.

    • Yeah, I can’t even be mad at G Mane for lifting that classic chorus from the late Nate… It’s classic shit.

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