Mar 062012

iNDEED f. Le$ – SippN (prod. DJ Burn One & Cardo)

Sen på denna. Dock för bra för att missa.

Burn One förfinar sitt sound ytterligare, den här gången med Cardo, som…
äh, lika bra att låta Dirty Glove Bastard förklara. Med spänning spanar vi efter dessa gubbars nästa drag.

DJ Burn One & Taylor Gang producer Cardo, who has done some really impressive work recently with Freddie Gibbs & Le$ are teaming up to release a double-disc album entitled Cowbell Gang (Midnight Funk). We’re proud to present the first release from the project “SippiN” which is an ode to syrup as you could of guessed, and it features iNDEED (Burn One’s band consisting of Ricky Fontaine & Walt Live) as well as BHO’s Le$. And if this is any indication of what to expect from the album, then we’re all in for some dope Country Rap Tunes very soon.

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