Mar 032012

The BoomBox: I heard you’re working on a sitcom.

Cam: We haven’t come up with a title for the sitcom, but it’s basically like a black ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ basically based upon the last year or two of my life. How my girl wanted me to go do an album with my mom and you know, I just want to sit around and sell weed basically, and make about $60.00 a week and be happy with it, cause I get a rush just from sellin’ it. So we got a bunch of situations around it. It’s real comical though, it isn’t serious at all.

The BoomBox: So you’re a fan of ‘Curb.’

Cam: Oh, I’m a big fan. I’m a big Larry David fan and all…that’s like the only person I want to meet in the world. Besides anybody, it’s nobody else in the world I want to meet but Larry David.

Få rappare bör syssla med film. Cam’ron är definitivt en av dem.

Medan vi väntar på Cousin Bang så kollar vi på Paid In Full igen.

Man kanske borde ta sig i kragen och börja plöja Curb Your Enthusiasm

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