Dec 192011

Were you surprised by that uprising in France?

I was surprised by it. I had been in France and I thought the French had the young people really down. I was surprised by it. I was delighted by it, in another sense, because I thought ‘By god, they’re really breaking up.’

You don’t think the latent potential is sitting in England?

I hope so. I would love – I would love – to see something like that happen in England. But it must happen after they get rid of this bloody Queen. As long as they have any subservience to that image, it’s hopeless. I think I can get 5,000 people in Trafalgar Square saying ‘Bugger the Queen.’ That bitch. Sitting there soaking up the energy of forty million people. People say, ‘The queen isn’t important. She’s just a figurehead.’ A figurehead of subservience. A figurehead of kissing her ass. Worthless wench. She should be sweeping floors.”

WSB interviewed by Jeff Shero for underground magazine RAT in 1968, while he was living in London. Applies to all countries cursed with royal families.

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