Sep 222011

“I love Max B. He’s one of the best rappers I’ve heard. I believe him. He’s got real style and it’s rare. Mostly now it doesn’t happen. Its kids like Chris Brown dancing and singing. If they didn’t work with a certain producer those kids would be on stage in leotards with their folks clapping, you know? Someone like Max B is totally different. He’s an artist making something valid. I love the way he works. He doesn’t give a fuck about promoting a big single or whatever. Every tune is a big single. It’s alive and every day it’s changing, being added to. I love that. It’s like pirate radio. I’ll never stop listening to pirate radio. Headphones and a fat spliff. It’s Max B all day, really.”

Preach on, my brother from the British isles.
Zomby and Max B and Squadda B and Lil B and ASAP Rocky and Z-Ro and Kartellen, that’s all we listen to over here.
Vågig och based, fortsätt surfa på moln…
Check out his version – taken from the half-brilliant conceptual album Where Were U In 92? – of Gucci Mane’s Pillz below, one of the rare databröt-rap remixes that shows a profound respect for, and actually adds something to the original composition.

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