Apr 272011

Christianias statement:

Christiania will be temporarily closed until further notice, in order that we can gain some peace and quiet to think and draw attention to the fact that (y)our Cristiania is under enormous pressure.

We have used 40 years to create one of Denmarks biggest tourist attractions, and have, with our own time and money , developed and nurtured a culture and recreation space that is enjoyed by thousands of Danes every day. We pay for our water and electricity, we run our own childcare institutions, we look after the roads and sewers, and we pay property taxes for the area.

We have tried to negotiate a legalozation that will protect the qualities that we are proud of.

We belive that the ultimatum issued by the Danish goverment about dividing up Christiania and selling off parts of the land will mean the destruction of the open, self-managed, experimental and socially inclusive Christiania as we know it.

We are taking a break and ask you who use, enjoy and support Denmarks Free State, to respect our closing.

If you`re fed up that you cannot get to your Christiania, go to Politiken, Jyllands Posten, Berlingske and all the other newspapers, websites and comment on the articles being written about the closure. Join the facebook group Your Christiania and write to your politicians about why you think Christiania should be preserved.

We hope you will join us in our attempts ro find a way through law, economics, abd bureaucracy – a way which ensures that the creative and spontaneous Christiania lives on.
We are closing to avoid closure

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