Mar 162011

19 augusti 1969 – 15 mars 2011

Det här var väntat. Nathaniel Dwayne Hale drabbades av slaganfall 2007 och 2008, och sedan dess har det varit tyst om honom. ÄvenThe Hardest Man In Town drabbas av svårhanterliga hälsoproblem, och hade han under den sista tiden krafter kvar utöver rehabilitering och dagliga krämpor så lade han säkerligen allt på familj och gospel snarare än rap.

Hylla denna oförglömliga artist på lämpligt sätt, varför inte med en flaska rött och en session med hela Music And Me-skivan.

Hans stilsäkra och pålitliga refränger förgyllde låtar till den grad att punchlines om att X rappare inte skulle kunna få en hit ens om Nate Dogg lade hooken blev vanliga, men det är hans sologrejer och samarbeten med de närmaste kollegorna som ligger oss närmast hjärtat.

Nu vill jag se att någon trycker upp “Nate Dogg Changed My Life”-tröjor, för här har du två garanterade köpare.

Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg & Nate Dogg – Lil’ Ghetto Boy

Nate Dogg f. 2Pac – Me & My Homies

Nate Dogg – One More Day

Nate Dogg feat. Pharoahe Monch – I Pledge Allegiance

Nate Dogg – Concrete Streets

Nate Dogg – Bag o Weed

Mar 112011

More secret Wu-videos.

I thought this was a Pop da Brown Hornet solo track; that explains me not finding it until now.

These are the saddest strings I’ve ever heard in rap music, and the words are just too real.

The Underground Emperor has more quality tracks, among them a very well executed Marley Marl remix.

Mar 102011

Helt omedveten om den här videon tills idag.

Exemplariskt utförd, hursomhelst. En av många tunga, seriösa låtar från The Swarm, som jag spelade sönder och samman när den kom. Om jag minns rätt så var det faktiskt genom den skivan som jag kom in på Wu-Tang på riktigt.

Det tog tid att förstå dem. Det tog några försök. Det brukar vara så med den bästa musiken.

Hör du trummorna? Uppenbarligen spelades detta in i en smutsig, fuktig källare någonstans i Bosniens vildmarker, nåt ställe där du får astma och cancer i hjärnan om du vistas där för länge utan att veta de korrekta andningsteknikerna.

Upptäckte även att det finns videos för den RZA-producerad Co-Defendants, med Hell Razah och Shyheim (som dock gör sig bättre i stereon än på skärmen, vilket även hans dokusåpaäventyr visade), och för Where Was Heaven, Wu-Syndicates smärtsamt sentimentala undergroundklassiker.

Mar 102011

Thou shall not mix rock and rap.

Thou shall sample it. This any dedicated rap listener have been knowing.

A guitar solo gets the Fast Forward-button instantly.

But sample a guitar, loop it, filter it, and you have yourself some Boom Bap. From Kurtis Mantronik sampling Thin Lizzy to that incredibly harsh beat El-P made for that lost The Weathermen posse cut that was on or some such ancient site that probably only I remember and which I’d probably be very disappointed by if I heard it now to the incredible treatment of acoustic guitars by RZA, Muggs, Fugees, and so on.

That’s why I don’t like Kanye West; he’s turning rap music into indie rock, not vice versa. That’s why I like Yelawolf when he’s rapping over rock songs, but not vice versa.

Either turn your rock influences into rap music – like very differrent artists Ill Bill and Main Attrakionz and Rick Rubin have done successfully – or take that shit way out into outer space.

Like Ethereal, or The Jet Age Of Tomorrow.

Mar 102011

OK: What’s your attitude towards the classical in art?

SH: The same as my attitude towards anything classical – enough of that old rubbish, let’s have something different! People tend to forget that it’s not cultural objects that are important but the social relations within the communities that produce them. That’s why all forms of culture die. On the whole cultural objects cease to be relevant because the social conditions that produced them no longer exist.

OK: Who are the artists you respect?

SH: Those that quit art. Ben Morea, Henry Flynt, Laura Gemser, there aren’t many. Art is dead baby, burn the museums!

New (well, from this year) interview with Stewart Home.

Mar 102011

White Jesus is here.

DJ Burn One and Rittz have been winning lately with their present day swamp funk and eyebrow-raising rapid fire raps. The leaked songs, Fulla Shit, High Five, Pie, are great and each with a unique sound.

The new songs, though.

Not as bad as Yela’s crossover attempts on Trunk Music 0-60, but Crazy, Blowin My Mind, Dixxxie Cup, and Sextacy sound as generic as their titles. Figuring out what type of “redneck chic” material the industry might like, I suppose.

Good luck with that. Yelawolf’s chorus on Sleep At Night predicts an Duets album with Eminem by year’s end.

Embrace your inner weirdo. There’s funk in that. Rittz’ scumbag verse on Fulla Shit is pretty much the best thing on this whole tape, together with Yelawolf’s preacher cameo on the title track (wouldn’t mind more of this oddball spiritual side from the half-redneck, half-Cheeroke Indian rapper, nor from Rittz – keep looking for alien love).

After listening to Nowhere To Run a couple of times, ignoring the chorus more and more, Rittz’ pain starts bleeding through – working hard all day with no money, “sitting at my bed with a loaded gun pointed at my head“. But that guitar solo at the end kills it for me.

Is a tape full of Rittz too much to stomach? Or is he holding back, warming up, finding his way ’round the studio, dropping standardized songs just for practice?

Let’s hope so. Slumerican has too much potential to not be winning.

Mar 092011

“‘I didn’t really get to shine on 36 Chambers like I shoulda shined,’ he recalls candidly. ‘For the simple fact that I was being too selfish with my raps. I thought my solo album woulda been one of the first to come out, so I tried to save it when I shoulda just gone ahead and thrown bombs up on there. But I learned from that – patience, a lot of discipline. Don’t ever be selfish because whatever’s natural is gonna come to you regardless.’”

Bara tvungen att uppmärksamma er.

Från när han spelade in Ironman.

Har inte läst någon intervju där Tony Starks öppnat upp sig så.

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