Mar 022011


I hesitate to post this, you internet crumbs and trolls might not even be worthy of high class material of this degree.

You better not put this on a piedestal next to Kanye. While the name branded garden gnome in everybody’s mouth is busy turning rap music into metronoise, Clams’ approach is quite the opposite: weaving fine textures from rock and electronica into beats for rappers like Lil B and Main Attrakionz to spit harsh truth over.

This tape is instrumentals of Clams’ best loved beats, music for overlooking the city, smoking sum, ten fingers towards the sun in a prayer.

Incredible instrumentals like Havoc’s Always Have A Choice, Lil B’s I’m God and Squadda Bambino’s Conversations, Kissin On My Syrup and the Fakest Year Ever are missing, though.

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