Feb 182011

Squadda B and Mondre Man are dope, but not the most technically advanced rappers out there, and vocals generally mixed down way deep in the track adds to their low-key swagger.

So when affiliate Shady Blaze brings that machine gun spit to Squadda Bambino’s bass heavy production that etheral, ambient, smoked-out Greenover sound that we know and love turns into a whole other monster.

Shady Bambino – Ride With G.O

I love how these young visionaries impatiently are exploring different styles – and bringing their peers with them.

Legion Of Doom and that Squadda B / Clams Casino collabo should be legendary.

Download The Shady Bambino Project here, and make sure you read our interview with Squadda B.

Feb 182011


(I assume you’ve already seen this one – I just wanna make sure.)

Showmanship has improved. And I guess The Roots are a better live option than rapping over non-instrumentals, but sound man should have swagged shit out with bass and distortion so as to resemble the original version. Tuba guy kills it, though. Zombie girl is a nice touch. They definitely should demand smoke machines for future show. But what is that tweeting white dude doing on stage?

Anyway, new blood in rap music and an epic win in general. WOLF GANG!

Feb 112011

What’s Gwinnett County like?

It was weird because when I first moved here, it was just normal suburbs with a lot of people. The schools were multi-cultural, at least compared to Pennsylvania. Everything changed after the ’96 Olympics. I was around 16 at that time, and a lot of people had moved here to Gwinnett. People were people coming from different cities and backgrounds, and the atmosphere changed. Crime went up. Gwinnett’s a weird place.It’s really about how you live your life around here. If you don’t fuck around with drugs, you might not get into the same kind of trouble.

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