Jan 142011

Young Gully was responsible for one of last year’s best relesases.

With excellent, varied production, raw skills, raw emotion, no fillers, a scene stealing verse from fellow baydestrian Roach Gigz, and a fierce, focused, street level Black Panther mentality not seen since the days of 2pacalypse, Grant Station Project was a tape on fire.

While we wait for the young man’s next move, it’s time to get familiar with his other material. The video below is as a good place to start as any.


New generation crying their heart out on one of my favorite beats from The Jack Artist. So much soul in this.

East coast purists easily get stuck in an 90s sound palette, but I love how the Bay Area pays tribute to the high level energy and futuristic qualities of 80s drum machines, again and again. This is Gully’s anthem.

Young Gully – The Definition Of Gas

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