Aug 242010


High class New York rap… (via Unkut)

Immortal Technique had the same beat on his last album, but since I couldn’t place the sample at first, this re-use is OK (since not played out). Tech always articulates his messages powerfully, but gentrification is something that’s closer to everyday life than the situation in Afghanistan or the Illuminati… “Support your own businesses and do the knowledge…” Instead of copping conspiracy theories and 5% type Islam along with their German cars and blood diamonds, one might suggest that rappers invest in where they come from, start businesses and community centers there. Like Too Short said: There’s Money In The Ghetto.

Anyway, this sample is too dope. Action Bronson’s version got the better drums. And while he isn’t delivering much of a message, he’s got mucho flavour… look what he’s cooking up in the kitchen. He reps New York right, just like fellow Outdoorsmen Meyhem Lauren and Sean Price.

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