Aug 122010
Oneohtrix Point Never “‡PREYOUANDI∆” from Megazord on Vimeo.

I think Boards Of Canada started this genre. Visual Ambient is all about the unconscious, memory, dreams, blurry visions in the back of your head. Or pure bliss. Some kind of storytelling. Tape copies, radio transmissions with static and echoes, internet blurs. Naming yourself after the documentary films of your childhood automatically puts you in meta media mode. Traveling through the remains of your mediated life. Of your childhood and your dreams (how much time is spent staring into the mysteries of the screen, or lost in the worlds of the speakers or the headphones?). Of the cold war and colonialism and space exploration and science nightmares. Screen and speakers archeology. In this case it’s a thing of good.

This aesthetics is manifested fully in the vimeo clip above (not by BoC, but by newcomers Oneohtrix Point Never (music) and MEGAZORD (video) (more works of the second gentleman are shown below)).

One mo’ time its proven that its not the method in itself – in this case: the collage – that creates the new. What’s needed is a constantly arriving generation that transforms the craft and its myths, influences generation specific; technological, economical, territorial, theological.

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