May 292010

I’ve digged deep down in the old harddrives for the following tracks.

Edo 8 was copied from Goto80 some years ago, along with a bunch of other nasty electro.

You can read up on Silicon Scally here.

Lory D, the only noteworthy Italian artist I know of, has released rather filthy roots Techno on Rephlex, but Bluff City is a certified Electro banger, with just a lil’ twist of Acid.

The last two tracks have followed me ever since I starting listening to electronic music. The 12” that my mp3:s were copied from what seems to be Imperial Stormtroopers‘ only release. It’s nasty, full-on hardcore electro.

Edo 8 – Squawk

Edo 8 – Micropacer 2

Silicon Scally – The Silent Years

Lory D – Bluff City

Imperial Stormtroopers – Crystal Ice

Imperial Stormtroopers – Panic Button

In related news, check out this vocoder-themed mix. The vocoder-themed book seems to be intresting, too.

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