Nov 152009


The two songs I’m posting below is all you need to understand why Tim Maia is better than Jorge Ben.

In truth, there are days for both. It’s like comparing Tupac Shakur and Rakim Allah. Jorge Ben and Rakim being the great architechts, while Tim Maia and Tupac Shakur were without comparison, bleeding on the microphone with pure iconic soul power. Bigger than life. Their light shone far into the dark corners of the world.

Tim Maia packed many styles, and this time we find him on his Otis Redding shit, like a force of nature, unstoppable, untoppable, unfuckwithable. Tim Maia was also the preffered taste of the Brazil’s finest rap group, who sampled Ela Partiu for one of the deepest storytelling tracks ever.

Tim Maia – Ela Partiu

Tim Maia – Eu Amo Voce

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