Nov 082009


Just like every other sunday, today is Tim Maia sunday…

If you go look on the youtube for clips with the great Soul singer and man of Funk, mostly 80s and 90s shit will come up, and seriously… those weren’t good times for Soul and Funk. Even though Tim Maia sang as good as ever, the musical backdrop suffers from the placebo syndrome. That’s why I bring to you these two wonderful 70s clips.

First we have an energetic performance from 1971 with psychedelic visual tricks and singing in english.

The second and most important clip is a medley from 1974 that finishes of with my personal favorites Azul Da Cor Do Mar and Imunização Racional (Que Beleza). Apart from the sound engineer almost completely cutting out the metal section this clip is straight manna from the desert skies.

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