Aug 122009


Why are all these rappers rapping about nothing so popular? Jay-Z, Nas (yes, he is one of the nicest, melting “mics ’til the soundwave’s over” and all that, but has he ever really said anything socially profound?), Lil Wayne, The Game… could it be that they’re all freemasons? Of course, it could also be that “most of the stuff you guys act like connects them to secret societies are just gang signs”… but why was 2pac talking so much about the Illuminati, and then was killed?


On one hand, whether you are a conspiracy nut or not, these secret societies exist (the question is how much power over world events you believe they have), and many people in the top of government and industry are freemasons. In the music industry too, of course. Which means that a lot of these rappers probably have become freemasons to secure sweet deals, in order to gain fame, wealth and power.

On the other hand, the crucial question is: how healthy is it in the long run for you to concentrate your intellectual activity on the activity on these secret societies, instead of on society as a whole?

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  1. i love you man

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