Jul 222009

He’s been working so hard for so long, his release is properly titled Better Late Than Never. The music on this project is exactly what people have been waiting to hear from a qualified and gifted artist such as Trife. Fans that have been waiting for this album since 2000 will not be let down. Trife has crafted a classic album both for old and new fans of Hip Hop.

This is good News. Trife Diesel (former Trife Da God) is my favourite rapper without a solo album. Been waiting years for a full length.





The tracklisting seems to be once again plagued by way too many features. If Put It On The Line and that Theodore Unit album would have had less filler rappers, they’d been classics. And much of it would have been thanks to Trife. The track with Royce sounds hard, though, so let’s hope for the best.


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