Jul 162009


Out of all the vicious beef tracks ever recorded, Never Personal hits me the hardest. When Mega Montana is going for the throat – it’s over. The competition can go home. His combination of advanced microphone mathematics and undilluted street venom makes him unbeatable. Especially when it’s over what sounds like a leftover from The Infamous-sessions. And there’s an open, honest quality to it that makes it even more powerful. Contrary to the title, this time it seems to have been personal.

Cormega – Never Personal (Fuck Nas and Nature)

This was recorded after his fall-out with Nas, following industry problems related to their work with The Firm. (An older Cormega gives his side of the situation here). The beef is squashed, but these tracks stand as testament to Cory’s status as one of the most ferocious rhyme spitters ever.

Cormega f. Foxxxy Brown – Never Personal Part 2

Cormega – Live In The Spot

Part 2 is more of the same. Foxxxy Brown goes in against Nasir, showing the world who’s the best female who done it (next to Rah Digga and The Lady Of Rage, naturally). I took these two from the J-Love tape along with a live clip of Mega dissing Nas using his own song titles. It’s pretty clever, if you ask me. And yes – sorry about the sound quality.

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