May 282009

Saw Sweetback the other day, and I swear to God in heaven that some of the opening sequences qualify for being the grooviest shit ever put on reel. If you got funk, you got style, obviously. It drags on and on in the end though; half an hour could have been left on the editing room floor without me complaining.

The balancing act between radical politics and advanced pimpology is marvelously executed, the characters are some of the heaviest dude you’ll ever see, and the soundtrack is a haunting, off-key, rambling swamp funk monster – that later got caught in Madlib‘s SP 1200 on Come On Feet.

Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song is worth checking out, both for entertainment value and the historical interest – but you might want to add some drink or smoke to the mix to take you through the slower parts.

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